Monday, July 10, 2006

Flesh for Frankenstein (1973)

Paul Morrissey directs this shlockfest version of the story of Dr. Frankenstein, complete with gallons of fake blood, a duo of creepy children and the legendary Joe Dallasandro as the frequently unclothed servant to the mistress of the house.

This particular Baron von Frankenstein (Udo Kier) is trying to create two "zombie" monsters from assembled body parts at the same time - a man and a woman, from which he intends to breed a master race. It's all very Mary Shelley meets Friedrich Nietzsche.

The finest (and most revolting) moment comes when he climbs atop the platform containing the female creation. She, not yet brought to life, has an open wound across her abdomen, revealing some of her inner organs. The good doctor proceeds to mount the body and merrily hump away, but not before ordering his assistant to avert his gaze. When finished, he tosses off one of the greatest lines of dialogue in movie history: "In order to understand death, you have to fuck life in the gall bladder." So true, Herr Doktor. So true.

Recommended to Warhol fanatics, necrophiliac aristocrats and people who like seeing long, lingering close-ups of Joe Dallasandro's ass.